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Electric requirements for installing solar panels in your home

Jul 24

Installing solar panels for your house is an exciting. It's a sure way to start saving on your electric bill and contribute to the planet all in one. Most people feel that solar panels are easy to install If you can find an chandler solar firm that you like, purchase the panels, purchase several gadgets to hook all of it up to your home, pay the installer, and then you have solar panels! However, for some the way to install solar panels is not as easy, and can be potentially more expensive.

There are certain requirements which must be fulfilled before solar panels can be installed. These requirements will not be fulfilled by the majority of homes. There are a variety of steps that homeowners can follow when building new homes to ensure that they are in compliance with solar energy.


In this post, we'll go over the essential upgrades needed to meet electrical panel requirements for solar, and walk through the steps that new homeowners can follow to enable the integration of solar panels at home easier and less expensive.

Upgrades required to ensure Home Solar Compatibility

Electrical Panel Upgrade

A electrical panel can be described as a kind of service box that connects main power lines to a home, and distributes electrical currents throughout the home. For newer homes upgrading the electrical panel is most often only needed when the existing electrical panel has an amp that is not enough to support the electricity generated from solar panels. Most homes require a panel capable of handling 200 amps. There are different options based on the needs of your house. The cost of this upgrade has ranged anything from a few hundred dollars, to a thousand or few thousand dollars, depending on the switch required.


For older homes

An electrical panel upgrade is usually required because the panel is old enough to allow solar panel conversion. If you're concerned about the need for an electrical panel upgrade for solar power, talk about your current system through a live consultation with a solar chandler, or send us a photo of your current setup to find out the best options.


Electrical Wiring Upgrade

For compatibility with solar panels home electrical conduits need to run through the roof of the home. The upgrades that are required for each can affect the labor and material costs. Questions to ask your solar contractor include: Do you need to rewire? Are copper sub-panels, grounding, or split-circuits need additional attention? Are there fixtures, outlets or fittings that are damaged and require replacement? Before home solar installation is possible it is crucial to think about all these elements.


Roof Upgrade or Replacement

Solar panels last for longer than 30 years. To be sure that your solar panels do not need to be removed or reinstalled because of roofing upgrades (which cost most) it's important to consider upgrading your roof before turning to solar panels. For some roofing systems, it's as simple as re-shingling in preparation for having solar panels installed. Some roofs might require total replacements to accommodate the new installation. Contact Advosy Energy, and keep in mind that the majority of repairs and upgrades will have to take place with roofing experts prior to solar energy systems near me can be installed.

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